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The language of care (LANGopen)

[This course will take you about 30 minutes to take. You will need additional time (20 - 30 mins) to run an activity with the child(ren) in your care.]

This course has been developed in partnership with TACT.

Words are more than just words, they bring meaning. However, sometimes words can present a meaning that is different than intended. For example, “Get out of here” could mean ’leave’ or it could mean ‘I can’t believe that’.

There are so many formal terms used within foster care that they can have the effect of making children in care feel that much more different from others their age. In 2019, TACT led a piece of research with children in care, foster carers and social carers to identify common words used in the care system, find better alternatives to these and create a guidebook called “Language that cares”. Taking steps to use language that makes the children in your care comfortable can go a long way. This course will introduce you to the importance of using a “language that cares” and present activities to do with your foster child(ren) to develop your own glossary.

In this course, you will learn:
- Why language and words matter
- The effect of terms used in care
- How to consider your own language
- Ways of talking about language
- How to create your language of care
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  • Course - [30 min]
  • Activity - Instructions
  • Language of care - summary of the activity
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  • Feedback survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever